Wednesday, 11 May 2011


I woke up and I ate breakfast by myself then I went to school, I met Buttercup and Bubbles. We sat on our chairs but it was a little bit uncomfortable, I noticed that chairs were different. When class time started teacher introduced the new teacher, He was tall and he wore a long black coat. We noticed that the new teacher was who was talking with Mojo Jojo. He started introducing himself. His name was Johnston. When class ended, He talked to us "can I eat lunch with you guys?" Buttercup and Bubbles saw me and I said "sure". We ate lunch together, it was so awkward moment ever, because Johnston asked us if we had some special powers. I thought he noticed that we are the Power Puff Girls. We answered "no". After lunch we went back to our class room. And then we finished school. After that we went to the park and we played some games. The Rowdyruff Boys came up to us and they attacked us, we tried to stop them but they were too strong because we didn't change into Power Puff Girls. Today we lost, but they didn't do anything else to us. After I ate dinner, I went sleep.

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